Geothermal Heating And Cooling

geothermal heating and cooling

geothermal heating and cooling
West Union going green to save green
WEST UNION, Iowa — Business leaders in West Union are warmingup to a new green initiative the state is funding in hopes ofsaving energy and — more importantly to participating businesses— money.
what are the pros and cons of Solar Heating and Cooling versus geothermal heating/cooling?

1. solar heating available everywhere the sun’s rays fall, but geothermal is only optimum in some places

2. equipment and expertise required for solar heating is realtively simpler in comparison with geothermal heating

3. system of pipes (and water used) is less in solar heating (because the panels are smaller and sompact) but the pipes used in geothermal have to be built specially to not only withstand pressures underground, but also be conducting enough to absorb the heat.

you can find further details in geophysical explanations for geo thermal and promotions of solar heating

Understanding Geothermal Heating and Cooling with Hydron Module