Geothermal Heat Pump

geothermal heat pump

geothermal heat pump
School, rec commission seal deal
Panorama and the Saanich School Board officially embark on a new adventure together this spring. They sealed the deal for a new neighbourhood learning centre partnership at the rebuilt North Saanich middle school set to open in 2011.
Has anyone had a Ground Source Heat Pump installed for geothermal heating? How much does the system cost?

Looking into installing this system, but unsure of the actual cost. Any ideas?

ground source heat pump is an air conditioner in reverse. It just pulls heat from the ground or a well and rejects it in to your house.

Think about the start up cost first. Think about the warranty. Ground source heat pumps have a lot of things that can go wrong. They are usually using the ground water a a heat source so there is additional things that can go wrong. If they are just burying the coils in the ground then the potential for future leaks is greater. Do you know how much it cost to dig up a yard and look for leaks?

Like i said in order for it to pay off you need a very good warranty.

Open Loop Geothermal Heat Pump Installation