Gas Vs Electric Heating

gas vs electric heating

gas vs electric heating
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Propane Gas to Heat a Dryer or an Electric Dryer?

We have a propane gas line hookup in the laundry room. The question is, why would I buy a gas dryer over an electric one? It does not seem to save that much money. Thoughts? Does anyone use a propane gas line for their dryer vs. natural gas?

If you have a decent rate for your electricity, then a propane dryer will not save you much in the way of utilities. In some areas the cost for electricity is high and propane may be cheaper.

There are other reasons to have a propane dryer. An electric dryer takes a 30 amp circuit. If your wiring is old, you may not have the capacity for this.

Another reason could be that a previous owner had a natural gas dryer when they moved to this house and decided to convert to propane instead of buying a new one.

If you already have an electric outlet sized for a dryer in the laundry room and your electric rates are suitable, I would go for the electric. If the outlet is not there, call an electrician to get a price to install a new circuit and make sure it will work with your service equipment before you commit to an electric dryer.

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