Gas Radiant Heating

gas radiant heating

gas radiant heating
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Turning down the hot water source on a hot water radiant heat system?

I have an in-wall hot water radiant heat system in my new home. My gas-fired hot water heater is a special version that acts as a boiler. It keeps the water super hot for the heating system to work, and it has a cold water mixer to keep the domestic water from scalding us.

When I moved in, I was told that I had to keep the temperature up on the hot water tank to keep the heat system working properly, and that the heat circulating through the walls might make my house a little warmer in the summer (insinuating that the tank was kept hot all year ’round).

I recently received my first gas bill, and I was a little shocked at how high it was…I’m looking for a way to cut the bill. I need the heat now, but I’d rather not pay to keep the hot water tank running so high in the summer when I don’t need the heat. Will it be possible to turn it down in the summer without damaging the system?

There should be a little knob on the hot water heater near the bottom of the heater to adjust the heat of the water.

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