Gas Pool Heating

gas pool heating

gas pool heating
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What are the monthly recurring costs of owning a pool?

pool size approx 30-40ft, spa 8ft diameter.
Looking for per day rate to heat pool (gas and electric charges) and spa and any other significant costs during the summer in san diego.
Thanks a lot !

The biggest expense is the electricity to run the filter, then the chemicals. My pool is a little smaller than yours and I live in the OC which has a similar climate. I don’t have to heat our pool from June through September as the sun does it well. I would say during the summer the pool costs between 3 and 4 dollars a day. That doesn’t include a pool maintenance man or the spa. The spa cost about 5 to 8 buck in gas each time I turn it on and that is for about 2 hours of use.

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