Gas Hot Water System Prices

gas hot water system prices

gas hot water system prices
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Please I need you guys help… I just move to this house and it has bad heating system?

I am managing this house and i dont have a job. the house will cost me on utilities, the gas price will be high, water is another problem and electric of course is the main… CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP OUT IN A WAY THAT i WONT PAY FOR UTILITIES? WHAT CAN i DO TO GET GAS AND STILL NOT PAY FOR IT. I thought about buying some heater at the store and use. do you think that will work. and what kind of heater will i buy and If I need to get hot shower is there anything I can buy to put on the faucet to make the water hot. or please how do I get hot water. the house is currently cold as of now. I know you guys are smart here and you can help me out with ideas…All ideas welcome… thanks for reading

You want to heat your home and have hot water for a shower without paying for the fuel used ? That is illegal.

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