Gas Hot Water Boiler

gas hot water boiler

gas hot water boiler
Gas leak leaves tenants cold
AURORA — Temperatures have dropped considerably over the past few days, and many Aurorans likely stayed snug in their homes rather than brave the cold. But for tenants at an apartment building at 1 S. View St., home didn’t offer much warmth either. According to landlord Shawn Bolger, a gas …
Proper flame setting for natural gas hot water circulated heating system.?

I heat my home with a boiler/hot water/radiator system. It’s a very old system using natural gas to fire the boiler and a circulation pump. I recently cleaned it and turned the flame much lower than where it was set. My logic was that too much heat was being wasted out the flue pipe and chimney. It still heats the house with no problem with a water temp of 120-130 degrees. Question is, will this save me money on my fuel bill?

You may be able to turn the heat down even more, depending upon the quality of insulation and size of the spaces being heated. The flame for natural gas and propane should be blue. If it’s yellow, there’s not enough oxygen and you run the risk of carbon monoxide accumulation and soot buildup in the flue and boiler heat exchanger.

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