Gas Home Heating

gas home heating

gas home heating
Heating Costs, Options for Winter
What you can do to cut the cost of your heating bills.
Are there adverse affects to our health from heating our home with propane gas?

I am constantly congested when the heater comes on and coughing. The air seems much drier using propane rather than electricity. Does anyone know?

The reason is that with electric heat you are simply creating convection currents in your room. The electric baseboards reheat indoor air, so the moisture stays in. In a propane, or natural gas forced air, the furnace takes outside air and mixes it with indoor air, so there is an actual air exchange. In a forced air system more moisture is being removed. You can improve this by adding a in duct humidifier. And the propane system if properly vented will only exhaust CO2 and water the same for natural gas. One more thing a forced air system can have molds in them so you may want to look into a UV-C furnace bulb to kill a lot of that nasty stuff. They have nice systems on ebay for not a lot of money maybe a couple hundred dollars, with bulb replacement 1/year

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