Gas Home Heating Systems

gas Home Heating Systems

gas home heating systems
As Temps Drop, Heating Companies in High Demand
(ABC 6 NEWS) — Winter is officially two weeks away, yet along with much of the Midwest, we are experiencing the big chill. More than a dozen states from Minnesota to Iowa and down to Florida are feeling the bitter cold coming from a front dipping down from Canada.
Have questions about “Bryant” Gas Heating Systems?

Our home has been recently flooded out … we lost our whole heating system and all ducts. A heating contractor that we would like to go with just installs “Bryant” systems.
We had a Carrier for yrs and never had a problem with it (it even went through a complete flood in 06 and started right back up)
*lucky..I guess? 😉
So what do you all know about heating systems…which are good…which are bad?
Thanks a million ~ Teri

Oh, Gee! I’m somewhat reluctant to try to answer this question. I am a descendant of a *Carrier* family (never having anything to do with “Carrier Heating Systems*), and I *never* owned a *Carrier* product of any kind, but — you know — I’ve always had an *interest* in the name. (AND reputation!)

BUT! — Back to *YOUR* problem. You lost *EVERYTHING* of your AC/Heating system — including *ALL* of the distribution ductwork?!? Oy! – Oy! From what I’ve *heard* and read about Bryant Home Conditioning Systems, I beleive them to be among the *TOP* trusted contractors available to the American public. But — I’m not too sure about their “skill” in completely *RECONSTRUCTING* the ductwork in the attic spaces of an *existing*, flood damaged home. My fear lies in what Bryant Co. might find after you sign a ‘contract’ with them for a complete replacement job — something *unexpected and not provided for in the original agreement*; something that requires the hiring of numerour *other* carpenters, laborers, & insulators to be able to *finish* a job to your satisfaction!

O.K. So I’m also a *Pessimist at Heart*! But, that’s *ME*!! For *YOU* — I wish the *BEST* of everything!

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