Gas Heating Units

gas heating units

gas heating units
Electric Fire Units: This Season’s Must-Have Interior Design Feature
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – 12/06/10) – As winter sets in, UK residents will start to turn their attention to heating their homes. There is already a wide selection of options available to homeowners, but few can add as much elegance and style as easily and quickly as an electric fireplace. Standing heaters, gas or electric, provide good heating, but aren’t always the best looking home …
home heating question?

I have central gas heat in my home and my living room has a gas wall heating unit. Do you think it is better to use both or just central heat. I would like to keep central heat turned down and keep the living room warm. However if it is more costly than it’s not worth it. FYI the thermostat is in the living room too.

If you spend more time in the living room I would turn down the central heat and if it gets too cool for you turn on the space heater. It should save you in the long run. Then at night turn it off and let the central take over. I love a cold bedroom and sleep with the window open all winter. The thermostat is set for 58 and turns on at 6:00 am to 63.

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