Gas Heating Unit

gas heating unit

gas heating unit
Radon testing reminder
Northern Health is reminding homeowners who purchased a radon detection kit before March 2010, that it may be time to submit the unit for testing.
How much to install a natural gas heating system?

We bought a home that has 2 units – one for the main floor and basement and one that covers the upstairs.

The previous owners updated the system in 2004 with a heatpump upstairs. I HATE heatpumps.

I want tto just leave the heat pump in place (use it for AC only), but add on a nat. gas system. It has to cover about 1200 sq. feet.

The gas line has to be run from the basement to the attic. About how much would that run?

to replace a heat pump air handler with an 80% efficient gas furnace and a horizontal flow evaporater coil would probably run around $4000-$5000,,depending on difficulty of running a gas line and vent pipe,etc… fyi,dont get talked into a 90%+ furnace for the attic…..those type furnaces emit condensation by design,which can freeze in an attic during very cold weather [ depending on where you live]…even if attic doesnt typically get below freezing and they offer to install heat tape on the drain line and trap DONT do it….what if the heat tape failed during a cold snap,,or what if the furance failed or power went out for extended period,,condensation could freeze and clog or bust open the drain line,trap,or furnace secondary heat exchanger,,not worth the chance,esp since 90%+ furnaces are much more expensive to install to begin with,,not to mention the potential condensate leaks that any 90%+ could have as they age…………dan

hydrogen gas from heating water using solar heating