Gas Heating Systems

gas heating systems

gas heating systems
Heating System targets long-distance pipelines up to 15 miles.
Using single power supply, Skin-Effect Heating System provides freeze protection, temperature maintenance, and heat-up. Small steel tube containing skin-effect electric cable is banded onto pipe to transfer conductive heating directly to pipe wall. Heat input can be adjusted up to 300°F to handle range of thermal viscosities, including water, crude or refined oils, steam, and variety of …
Converting Gas Heating System to Electrical Heating System?

How much would it cost to convert to an electrical system? I have a 2 story brick home (1100 sq ft per story). Each level has it own seperate ac/heating system. Since I am upstairs mostly I am thinking of possibly going to an electrical heating system for this level. The cost of natural gas is just too outrageous and I thinking an electrical system might be cheaper?

I ran into the same problem two years ago. To sum it up – don’t do it bro! Electric costs more because it never gets hot enough. No matter what the electrical system is going to run 2x as long as the gas. If that doesn’t make since, if your gas heater runs for 5 hrs a day, the electric will run 8-10 hrs per day. Looking at it like that it is actually more expensive on your power bill (electric is cheaper, but you use more so you’re not saving a dime). Stick with the gas heat, however, to save on the gas costs, look into better insulation, reduce the size of the heated space (adding furniture, and closing doors to un-utilized rooms is good), also, you may want to add a difuser to your window, that way the heat won’t escape as fast. Good luck.