Gas Heating System

gas heating system

gas heating system
PSE&G to Lower Residential Natural Gas Bills by Additional 5 Percent
PSE&G announced today that it has lowered residential gas bills by an additional 5 percent, or nearly $10 per month for the typical residential customer. This latest reduction for supply costs follows a 5 percent reduction in July and a 6.8 percent reduction in September for residential gas customers.
How much does it cost to install a gas heating system?

I own a old 2 family and the only source of heat it has is a gas-on-gas stove. Completly renovating it and was curious if anyone knew roughly about how much it would cost to put in a gas heating system. I have a brand new gas water heater already.

The BTU’s of the furnace will depend on the square footage of the house.You already have gas ran to the house so the furnace installed will cost you around 4500$-6500$.

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