Gas Heating Parts

gas heating parts

gas heating parts
Snow is on its way to Franklin County; are you ready?
Last year we were visited by more snow than we have had since 1995. What can we expect this year? Those who predict such things are suggesting we will see a rather active weather pattern this winter — which means we will have some very cold spells interspersed with mild spells.
What could cause my gas furnace to stop a few minutes after it stops?

This furnace is less than ten years old and it’s been serviced every year. It’s been the fourth night we needed heat and more than half the time the furnace stops before heating to the thermostat setting. This has been happening at the beginning of the season every winter. Various technicians have looked at it, cleaning and replacing parts like the “heat sensor” or “flame sensor.” Should I just give up and get a new furnace?

interesting, I have the exact same problem! I have forced hot air, not sure about yours. Other two answers above dont sound right, sorry. I usually,1) change air filter 2) clean the igniter (thing that glows orange) with a brass bristle brush which is probably not the thing to do. Then it seems to work right on its own. Really, no help here, just the same experience.

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