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gas heating melbourne
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Heating and cooling the nursey…?

I am pregnant, 35 weeks and living in a two bedroom unit.
There’s an old gas heater in the lounge, but no heaters in any of the rooms. I am arranging a room for my baby and planning on keeping an oil heater with a thermostat in the room to keep the room warm. I just wanted to ask if those heaters actually control the temperature without over heating the room. I would have to keep the bed room door closed wouldn’t I? , I mean to keep the temperature regulated inside the room? Just worried if that would raise the temperature too high …

Also guys this is an autumn baby so there would be days with hot weather. ( Melbourne weather). I have Air con only in the lounge how would you keep the nursery cool in summer?

Thanks heaps..
I just found about portable air con/heater. How well they work to heat up the room?

I am in unit too (in Qld) and we only have air con in the main bedroom. My sister in law has given us one of those portable evaporative coolers for us to put in the baby’s room to keep it cool. They work quite well for small spaces, such as a closed in room. For heating I am getting an oil heater as well, as my sister used one of these for her kid’s rooms and just left it on low. It worked well to keep the room at a comfortable temperature all night long.
Good luck (I know how fickle Melbourne weather can be!)
Hope all goes well with bub!

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