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gas heating installers

gas heating installers
Gas fitter shortage delays hookups
A shortage of certified gas fitters in Nova Scotia is delaying the rollout of natural gas even in neighbourhoods where pipelines exist.
Recently Installed Boiler Does Not Work, Installer does not answer phone calls. What should I do?

I hired a contractor (he is owner of the business as well) to replace old gas heating boiler in our house. It was in last October He installed high efficiency boiler that reduced our gas bills, but our happiness was short lived , since the problems started in December. The boiler stopped working because of faulty igniter,.Called the installer took him nearly 12 days to replace. After that it stopped working 6 or 7 times. I would call him, he would show up in 2 – 3 days, fix something and the heating was back. This time it stopped working again, but the installer never showed up, calls left on his voicemail but no reply. The boiler is NTI- TI-150. We had to buy Portable Electric Heaters and in December, when there was no heat for 12 days, we had to keep gas burning in a stove, in addition to electric heaters. The installer is nice guy, but I had enough of it. I am thinking to ask him to replace the boiler with something more reliable. What should I do if he refuses? Should I sue him?

I would guess you should contact the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions. Also, it may be that your new boiler may not be large enough, or mismatched with your heating system, ie. hydronic wall or floor heating radiators. The 150 is fairly small, and usually for one zone of heating, as far as I could tell, without knowlege of your old system/boiler number, etc.You should call the man and insist he honor his contract, as I suspect the cost on that wasn’t cheap. There are other issues to consider with the NTI furnace as well, apparently from this website below.

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