Gas Heating Installation

gas heating installation

gas heating installation
Video encourages installation of carbon monoxide detectors
As temperatures fall, the City of Littleton is using a public service announcement to remind people to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes this heating season.
Central heating – currently night storeage heaters?

I have inherited a bungalow (built in 1984) that needs the heating changed. The bungalow sits on a solid concrete base so there is no under floor cavity. Nor is there any gas or oil installation. The good news is there is an open fire place.

If you have mains gas available then that is probably your best option.
If not you have several choices, oil or lpg, if you have a suitable space for the tanks.
If not and you do not want storage heating you can have an electric boiler, no tanks in the garden, no flues to worry about, works just like an oil or gas boiler.

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