Gas Heating Furnaces

gas heating furnaces

gas heating furnaces
House fires increase around holidays
It’s the time of year known for holiday cheer, but fire department personnel say it is also known in their ranks as a season when there is an increased chance of a house fire.
Should a Heil gas furnace blower kick on for 5 seconds every time after it completes a heating cycle?

I have never had gas heat before. My Heil furnace goes through this cycle — it ignites the furnace, warms about 20 seconds or so, kicks on the blower, and heats the house quickly and beautifully. Then, it clicks off. Five seconds later, the blower kicks back on for five seconds and then goes off. It does this every time. Is that how it works? If so, why?

No it shouldn’t do that. The blower off time delay should be adjusted on the furnace control board. The control board has a built in timer that shuts the fan off. If it shuts off too fast the heat left over in the furnace can cause it to come back on. On older furnaces there is a temperature switch that does it. If your furnace is older, then the temperaure switch can be adjusted. For more info, check out the furnace page at

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