Gas Heating Furnace

gas heating furnace

gas heating furnace
Cold weather hanging around for few days
The area is in the grip of winter and will likely stay there for a few days.
how much is it to switch a home that has an oil furnace into a Natural Gas Furnace? (built around 1930)?

I would like to switch into natural gas not only because the price difference but because it is more environmentally friendly…But I can not find any specific answers via Internet search and I need a rough estimate on how much it is to switch from oil to natural gas heating.

1st thing i’d need to know is if you already have natural gas lines coming to your home already,2nd thing is whats’ the square footage of your home.for an average 2000 sq. ft. home the furnace itself will run approx.$3500.00 including installation the vents that already exist can be used so you won’t have to worry about that .the big expense would be if you need gas lines brought in. if that’s the case you may want to consider a propane furnace-also more enviormentally friendly and economical too

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