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Which is the most economical way to run gas central heating?

Advice needed please from people with personal experience. Is it cheaper to have the gas central heating on timed so that’s its only on when Im in the house or to have it on constantly? Iv been told by an engineer that its cheaper to run it constantly as appose to the way Im doing it but I have the dread of a huge bill! Advice from people who’ve tried both approaches. Thanks

I was told this many years ago so I put the heating on 24/7 and the gas bill was enormous. Didn’t do that again I can tell you.

The theory behind that is it’s cheaper to heat something up when it’s already warm than to heat something up from cold. I however, says that it depends on your house. If you have a cold house, then leaving the heating on 24/7 will give you a higher gas bill than only having on when it is needed.

Our house has got wall cavity insulation as well as loft insulation and as yet, our heating hasn’t been put on because it’s still warm and when the temperature does drop to below 14, it feels a bit chilly and we put on a jumper!

My MIL and FIL, however, has a very cold house and they have had the heating on since the middle of September.

We have the heating on a timer which comes on between 6 am and goes of at 8 am and then comes on again at 3 pm until midnight. These are the hours that we are in and need the heating but the system is also set that if the temperature falls below 12 – it will come on regardless of the time.

I suggest, however, in answer to your question, is that the only way you will know is to try both options. Take a meter reading then use one option for a fortnight and then take another reading then try option two. I do suggest though, that for the heating to be on 24/7, you keep a closer eye on the meter readings and if it gets too high, to accept that this isn’t going to work for you and go back to your original heating method. I have also suggested a fortnight so that you can give time for the house to get up to temperature and in theory the heating then won’t be on for as long.

Good luck.


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