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gas heater for home

gas heater for home
Advice Needed – Heating Home with steam from stove….?

For about 2 weeks now I have a large pan of water on my gas stove creating gentle to strong steam in my main living area of my home. We shut doors to all rooms except main living area where we spend most of the day. Roasty Toasty all day!!! My main heater for the home never kicks on the whole time!…When I turn off the pan of heated water…after a while the main home heater kicks on and seems to turn on often (over and over) even with the doors shut just as we do with the steam heating… it has a harder time keeping it warm in the house. Here are my questions….Does it make sense that the steam heating feels warmer than the heat from my home heater??..Question 2: I have gas home heater and gas stove…am I using TONS OF GAS by letting a big pan of water steam gently for hours. or am I saving money by doing it this way?

Keep the home heater on 68, use a humidifier, and put on a sweater. It ain’t summertime!

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