Gas Heat Stoves

gas heat stoves

gas heat stoves
Fire chief warns of holiday dangers
When the weather gets cooler, residents try to keep warm by using fireplaces, wood stoves and space heaters. But some of these can present a danger that could result in losing a home or, worse, a loved one.
What’s the most energy efficente gas stove that will heat a house?

Please my father has been reseaching and he doesn’t beleive that yahoo questions will answer so i want to prove him wrong!

energy efficiency isn’t measured by the brand name, but rather something that’s called AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. A 90% AFUE furnace wastes 10% of the fuel burned as heat lost out the flue, it sounds like a lot but is actually very efficient. older units wasted as much as 30-50%. i think 96% is about the highest efficiency, but you will generally pay twice as much for a 96% furnace over a 90% furnace. it all boils down to how long you are going to keep the house, because the higher you move up the scale in efficiency, the more you pay for a smaller amount of efficiency gain

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