Gas Fired Water Heaters

gas fired water heaters

gas fired water heaters
Space heater safety tips
Space Heater Safety could mean the difference between life and death this winter. Seven of the 19 fire deaths investigated by the State Fire Marshal’s Office since January 1 st have been the result of malfunctioning or improperly used space heaters.
How much time does a landlord have to repair a broken water heater?

My pregnant sister just moved into a small rental house about 1 week ago. She recently noticed that smoke was coming from the gas water heater, and then noticed that the gas water heater was on fire (minor). The water heater is connected to a L.P. tank outside. She had to disconnect the gas line to prevent it from further damage. Now she has no hot water, and the temperature is about to drop for the week. How much time does the landlord have to fix the problem? Also, she is on a 6-month written lease. Thank you.
Also, it probably does not matter, but she lives in Texas (if any state laws might apply).

He has to fix it as soon as he gets a call from her. If he doesn’t, call the Housing Authority and they’ll jump on him!! (Look in the blue pages of your phone book for H.A.)

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