Gas Fired Heating Systems

gas fired heating systems

gas fired heating systems
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Please help me to Change my Council heating system/ coal fire?

I have an open coal fire and now with the weather getting cold I need to put it on, i called to get coal delivered and it is now over £11per bag and i need at least 5 bags per week also on top of this i still have to pay for my electricity which is roughly £15per week which i think is too much money comming out my budget before i even get food and pay other bills.

So what can i sugest to the council for them to change my heating to Gas Heating, and also the coal fire heating is to messy and take ages to put it on, my husband and my son does not like it, because my son has got Astama which i think coal fire is bad for his health but i do not know what to do?
if i go to my docter would he help me to put Gas Central Heating,

i am so worrying about this please help me.

you should be entitled to a grant, your local council will have leaflets in the foyer with details of how to apply.
Doctors letter and support from your MP will help.

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