Gas Fired Heat Pump

gas fired heat pump

gas fired heat pump
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Heat pump thermostat read 74,but it feels like 54 what can I do!?

I had asked over and over for the homeowners’ book for the Heat pump,but the company never sent it .It wasn’t in the home when I purchased it? I have a fireplace.I work nights,so I go worrying about my mom who is elderly and other family!The fireplace was made for gas logs! It’s not very big.Even though I start a fire before I leave,at 3am.It will have gone out.And thermstat wont’ come on or it blows cold air! I set it for 68,but it reads the room as 71.
Oil is to high this year,for me to buy!
The wall unit is simple but it on heat and it should do the rest right? But,it never comes on!Anyone else know,how to keep the chill off .I’ve cleaned inside the wall unit,and changed the ceiling filters.What else is there?
I have an appointment for a repairman,but not till next week.

maybe you should change the thermostat its not that hard and you can get 1 at lowes around 30 bucks i suggest a digital 1 because there more accurate just unscrew the old off the wall and the wires are color coded match the colors and screw it back up

New Gas Fired Ultra Weil-Mclain Series 3 230000. BTU With Primary pump