Gas Fired Boilers

gas fired boilers

gas fired boilers
Plan to clean up Indian River Power Plant
The final piece fell into place Tuesday for a $366 million project intended to clean up Sussex County’s air, keep hundreds working and secure the future of NRG’s Indian River Power Plant.
I have a Burnham Series 2 Model B Gas Fired Boiler. Need help wiring a 2nd zone relay to it.?

I’m trying to hook up a second zone relay to my boiler and cannot figure out how to connect it inside the boiler. everything else is done and works correctly. The problem I’m having is, I have the 2nd relay wired to the same wires the 1st zone is wired to inside the boiler itself. What is happening is when the 2nd zone thermostat kicks on the boiler, it also kicks on the 1st zone pump. How do i connect this to work independently of each other? Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not too familiar with that model, but the instructions are on their website under your models manual. It looks like the instruction are on page 17 for 3-wire zone valves. You might need a bigger circulator because of the extra zone. Are you sure that you have zone valves and not zone circulators (pumps)? If you have zone circulators, you will need three pumps for 2 zones or 1 primary circulator pump then you can control each zone with zone valves.
Read the manual cover to cover, don’t just skim over it.
Try calling burnham, they were very helpful when i installed my new Alpine 95% Boiler.
If you have any other questions, email me.

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