Gas Fired Boiler

gas fired boiler

gas fired boiler
RMF Engineerings $26 Million Duke University Restoration Project Wins Nine Awards
Baltimore – Baltimore, Md. – February 16, 2011– RMF Engineering, a Baltimore-based full-service engineering firm with expertise in sustainable energy, has won multiple national awards following the completion of a $26 million restoration to transform Duke University’s East Campus into a state-of-the-art, natural gas-fueled steam plant.
Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler for heating?

My Boiler Tridicator shows temperature 250f, pressure 25psi for three floor building. It’s normal?

At 25psi the temp. will be 236 degrees f. Gauges have an error factor of 5%.either way.Now to me.I normally see hot water boilers running around. 205-220 degrees f..maximum. That would run you about 9-15psi. Also the age of your gauge will come into play.This temp and psi is normally taken at the boiler itself.If your running it this hot. because the people are complaining its cold your either undersized or you need someone to look to see if your system is designed and operating correctly. You should have an expansion tank and a 12# feeder. this is a typical system design not necessarily yours.the expansion tank is for expansion as the water is heated up. A 12# feeder just adds water and keeps pressure on your system. basically. Also if you run lower temp. You will save on gas too. dont go below the manufactuerers minimum temp rating. youll really ruin your boiler. usually 150 degrees f.. Good luck

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