Gas Combi Boilers

gas combi boilers

gas combi boilers
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New combi boiler – gas or electric? Environmentally friendly?

I currently have a gas fired combi providing hot water and central heating for my first floor, 6 room Georgian tenament flat.

The current boiler is noisy and large.

We’ve been offered a new electric boiler.

My questions:

Will the electric boiler be quieter?
What is cheaper – gas or electricity?
What is the more environmentally friendly option?

Hello =)

Since you didn’t specify where you live….I’m just gonna take a stab at a guess, from your colloquialisms, and say that it’s the UK…..

I would think that as a long-term investment, electric will be the better choice, but in the immediate future, it will be more expensive to use than the gas. The UK seems (although they wobble a bit from time to time) to be committed to producing cheap, environmentally friendly electricity in the future, which should make the electric the environmentally best choice as well, but again, for the immediate future, the gas is probably cleaner.



Wall Hung Gas Combi Boiler 70000 Btu/h