Gas Boilers Prices

gas boilers prices

gas boilers prices
Thursday, December 9, 2010 12:00 am
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What sort of price should a new boiler be?

I’ve been having problems with my heating system and have now been advised by a heating engineer that I need a new boiler. Mine is about 25 years old, gas central heating. i just wondered if anyone knew the sort of price a new one, fully fitted should be please. I’ve been quoted in the region of £2200 which seems an awful lot. My boiler does qualify for the £400 scrappage scheme.
Thanks very much.

If your system is 25 years old then you should consider upgrading the whole system.
You can buy the majority of the materials from a site like .
Choose a boiler and pick the radiators from the list,match the existing ones you have at present.
Find a local installer and save yourself a few quid.

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