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gas boilers for sale

gas boilers for sale
Valero racked up $3.4M in N.J. fines
As Valero Energy completed the sale of its Paulsboro refinery last month, the company was in talks with the state to address $2.3 million in pollution violations.
advice on oil fired heating system and prices v gas system?

Have just bought a big old house which has an oil fired heating system instaled. I’m having work done on the house at the moment so haven’t even tried the heating system yet. To be honest it’s prehistoric. The oil tank outside is very old and rusted to the point of failure. The boiler inside is like something from the stone age. I’ve managed to locate a nearly new used plastic oil tank for sale but was wondering if anybody can give me an idea of the cost of a new oil fired boiler plus instalation and connection of the new sytem to go with it. The radiators all look reasonable. I was also wondering if it would be more economable to change the whole system over to gas and install a gas tank instead.There is no mains gas in the area. Thanks for any help in advance.

Sounds as if you are resident in the UK. So am I. I just built a house in Shropshire and have been lucky enough to have mains gas. I installed a Bosch Worcester combination boiler (condensing) rated at around 30 kW but that is only used when the domestic water is being heated, my load other than this is around 14kW. this I know is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run than an oil fired unit. My advice is to dump the oil boiler, use whatever central heating oil you have left as diesel fuel (Not road) and go for gas. If the house is as big as you describe, perhaps 2 boilers situated at strategic points would serve better, perhaps allowing for upstairs and downstairs systems to be separate and at different temperatures. A wood burning stove also heats my central heating when I get around to lighting it.

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