Gas Boilers Comparison

gas boilers comparison

gas boilers comparison
CenterPoint pilot marketing hits target
CenterPoint Energy’s pilot home energy report proves that I own the kind of house the utility should target for direct mail marketing.
Cost of ownership for direct gas-fired dryer and for steam-heated dryer?

Our industry is textile fiber production and we use steam-heated multistage band-dryers of capacity 6t dry fibers per hour. The dryers use 10-bar steam made from gas-fired boilers. 1 ton steam is used for drying 1 ton of wet fibers. Does anybody have experiences about by which ratio a direct gas-fired dryer of same drying capacity is more cheap or more expensive than a steam-heated dryer? How much better is the total energy efficiency (heat utilisation) of a direct gas-fired dryer in comparison to a steam-heated dryer (like described above)? Your answer must not be 100% exact, at-about figures are sufficient.


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