Gas Boiler Maintenance

gas boiler maintenance

gas boiler maintenance
Five Snowshoe employees hospitalized after gas leak
Five employees at Snowshoe Mountain Resort were hospitalized Sunday morning following a carbon monoxide leak. Laura Parquette, spokeswoman for the resort, said that all five employees are expected to make a full recovery. The first employee was discovered …
Boiler maintenance cover?

I am thinking of getting the annual maintenance cover HOmeCover 400 from British gas which includes the boiler, central heting ,drains, electriclas repairs.. can someone suggest it is worth taking that …….costs 25 quids a month

my daughter had the cover on her combi boiler the heat exchanger unit went on it they repaired it at no charge for labour or part was told that a call out plumber starts at £90 then goes up as to hours worked plus the price of the parts
I think it is a good type of insurance on these things also they are very quick to respond
have taken out this on my house now

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