Gas Baseboard Heat

gas baseboard heat

gas baseboard heat
High hydro bills plague neighbourhood
Despite spending thousands to seal up and insulate his electrically heated home in Little River Acres, Ernesto Parungo’s hydro bill is still $279 per month, year-round.
How can I minimize my gas use?

I am moving into an apartment that is gas heat through vents, a gas stove, and a gas hot water heater.

What steps can I take to avoid a high and pricey gas bill? I was thinking about turning the temp. in my apartment down to the very lowest setting and using some small electric heaters I used last winter when my electric baseboard heat was out.

Also, I know I can take shorter showers with the hot water, but are there any other suggestions?

invest in a hot water heater blanket it will save you loads of money
get a heated mattress pad for your bed, then you can turn the household temperature down and still be cozy when you sleep.
make sure you close your curtains when there isn’t sun to generate heat.
make sure the vents and filters are clean and there are no leaks.
when you use the gas stove cook more than one thing at a time.
gas is much more efficient than electricity so don’t use electric heaters they are $-eaters.
set your temperature down to 65 and leave it there if you can handle it cooler then drop the temp 1 degree at a time til you find what your cold tolerance is
buy some slippers and socks and wear them
keep a sweater handy

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