Gas Back Boiler

gas back boiler

gas back boiler
Another player in the gas pipeline
AS PROGRESS towards a gas-fired power station in Wellington gains momentum, another project, much closer to the source, waits patiently in the pipeline.
question regarding gas fires?

I have a gas fire with a gas back boiler. My question is can i disconnect the gas fire leaving a hole with the back boiler and then getting a electric fire and standing flush against the hole?

any advice would be greatly welcomed.

yeah classed as one appliance and removing the fire affects the flue system of the back boiler if you really cant stand the sight of the fire front you will need to upgrade your heating system by fitting a combi boiler ( gets rid of tanks and hot water cylinder & gives more space and better hot water pressure)
or a heat only boiler which is practically the same as your back boiler only safer and generally wall mounted these days
both of which will lower your gas bill
extras which you may need thermostatic radiator valves
room thermostat timer/programmer
both are safer as they are room sealed appliance
watch big companies as they charge large amounts and dont normally check who they employ reputation is the key
cheap isnt always best

any questions or problems phone 8-5
hope this helps

Stove 5 finished making pot belly stove,back boiler,recycled,propane gas cylinder.