Garage Gas Heat

garage gas heat

garage gas heat
Garage destroyed in early morning fire
A detached garage at a home at 704 River Avenue in Mason was destroyed by a fire early Monday morning.
i’m converting garage to bedsit for daughter 40amp elec supply need hot water + heating any ideas?

no gas supply to garage – cost of installation of gas / new elec supply bit expensive – would like to work with what i’ve got

need to comply with building regs, if its a living space and not wishing to put your daughter in somewhere thats dangerous.

Just extend water supply from house? Central Heating?

Damp and insulation will be a big problem depending on how it was built.

Electrics should come from your consumer unit, unless you can extend a light or socket point by drilling straight through a wall into the main house. Again you need building regs approval and probably a self certifying lecky.

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