Furnace Heating System

furnace heating system

furnace heating system
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How much for a central air/heating system.?

I presently have forced heat but I need a new gas furnace. My house is roughly 1500 sq ft. I am putting an extension on my home and wanted to do this at the same time. How much am I looking at. I live on LI, NY.


I shopped around and got the complete package for $5500 and a 20 year guarantee, 1600 sq ft. area. That was 3 years ago expect to pay a little more. However, the equipment is a little better on energy than a few years ago. Make sure you get the latest not an old left over.

Are the ducts in place in the extension ?

Talk to any neighbors or friends that had this same work done in your area. They know what to watch out for.

Get a reputable contractor, use first class equipment, and get it all done at the same time.

Long after you forget the price, you will still be enjoying trouble free economical comfort in your home.

Good luck and comfort.

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