Furnace Heat Exchanger

furnace heat exchanger

furnace heat exchanger
Reduce, eliminate irritants that can make indoor living uncomfortable
Short, chilly days and long, cold nights leave us with dry and stuffy houses permeated with dust, food smells, pet dander, smoke from fireplaces or cigarettes and other particulates that can make indoor living uncomfortable.
I have a Lennox Pulse G21 Furnace installed April 21,1994. Is there a heat exchanger corrosion problem?

I understand that the corrosion problem occurred on Lennox Pulse Furnaces that predate 1990, is this this correct? Therefore our 1994 model should be fine?

You should have your HVAC unit checked at least once a year, twice if you have AC. The technician should be NATE certified. A rusted Heat Exchanger can release Carbon Monoxide into your house which can and does kill. A preventative maintenance cost is a small price to pay for your safety

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