Forced Air Heater Solar Passive Heating – Part 3

Forced Air Heater Solar Passive Heating Part 3

Green Energy Home

Green energy or sustainable energy is said to be the key to tomorrow, because if humanity continues to use the common energy sources of today that pollute the environment and destroy Mother Nature, there might be no tomorrow for the planet and the human race. Therefore, for our own and the future generations’ sake, everyone is encouraged to use green energy. Using green energy can start from out very homes.



Mankind has made much significant technological advancement in green technology, which makes it much easier for everyone to start transforming our homes into green energy homes. A green energy home is a home that makes use of sustainable energy from renewable resources to satisfy its need for energy used in generating electricity, heat, hot water, and to some extent, peace of mind.



You can try several different methods to make your green energy home plan a reality. The first option you can try is the one believed to be the most abundant, solar energy. You can install photovoltaic cells in your roof top or outside your home to collect solar power you can store and use as electricity for your household. You can also utilize solar hot water panels that can heat and store water for you. You can hire a professional to install solar panels and solar hot water systems in your home, or you can check many available resources that can teach you how to build your own solar energy system, the latter being significantly less costly than the former.



In the case your home is still in the construction phase, you can integrate passive solar designs in its blue print. This means exploiting the advantage of the south facing sides of the house for heating and cooling purposes. Through installation of heat retaining bricks and highly efficient windows on the home’s south facing areas, you are fully taking advantage of the passive solar techniques. Such design allows your home to stay cool during the day and stay heated up during the night, thus eliminating the need for heaters and air conditioning.



A windmill is another great device for a green energy home. Windmills generate power from the force of the blowing wind. Windmills can be constructed and installed on rooftops or in backyards for pollution free electrical power generation. There are many retailers who sell and/or install windmills for houses. You can also opt to buy ready-to-install windmills kits which are very easy to integrate in your home.



Having a stream on your property gives way for the use of another green energy power generation, the use of hydroelectric power. You can have hydroelectric power harnessing devices installed near the stream that gather energy from the flow of water and convert it into electricity.



The last and most revolutionary method of generating sustainable energy is the use of biosphere technology. Biosphere Technology is the materialization of man’s dream of being able to turn waste into energy. Biosphere machines use gasification techniques to heat up solid wastes to extremely high but controlled temperatures in which the wastes are broken down and turned into steam. The steam is then used to generate electricity. On instances that not enough waste is available, which rarely happens, biosphere flakes can be used as substitutes to fuel the biosphere machines. Biosphere electricity can not only efficiently answer your homes need for energy; it also eliminates your problem with solid waste disposal. Biosphere technology is considered Mother Earth’s biggest ray of hope today and even tomorrow.



The ultimate green energy home combines all available renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, water, and biosphere technology to generate electricity. A green energy home not only significantly cuts down electricity costs; it also opens the door for possible profits through efficient use of the generated energy. A green energy home requires little to no maintenance so all you have are positive results. The time to make your home go green is now. Help save the environment, and help save yourself.


About the Author

Darewin Amio Ocampo is a technical writer for the Search Engine Optimization Department of True Bio Electric – a company belonging to the True Green Energy Group. TBE converts your waste into clean green electricity using the revolutionary Biosphere Technology

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