Forced Air Heater Solar Passive Heating – Part 1

Forced Air Heater Solar Passive Heating Part 1

No Parts to Break with a Passive Solar Water Heater

The source of nearly all of our energy is the sun. While we might use wind, oil, and rivers to help empower our world, all of those sources of energy are also made possible through the sun. Because it won’t stop burning anytime soon, we can effectively consider it an infinite source of energy, and better yet, it’s completely free for absolutely anyone to use. To get the biggest savings possible on your next energy bill, a passive solar water heater will use the sun’s rays, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Just One Step to Protect the Environment A passive solar water heater is certainly smart for the environmentalist, but it also makes sense for any home owner. It’s estimated that ten percent of all home energy usage goes into water heating. If every conventional water heater was replaced with a passive solar water heater, the energy savings would be tremendous, saving at least 3-4% off the world’s energy needs each year. While 3-4% doesn’t sound too large, keep in mind that this could be just one step towards making the world energy independent. With other problems like water shortages shaping up to be the defining problems of the twenty-first century, we really don’t have any time to spare. Of course, there are other energy saving water heaters. Other popular versions include water heaters that heat water as it passes through instead of storing it in a large tank. After all, it doesn’t make sense to heat water if you’re not going to use it for hours and hours. However, a passive solar water heater ensures that you’ll always have a large supply of hot water at your disposal, so it allows for some heavy usage that you’d otherwise be incapable of. The difference between active and passive solar water heaters is simple: active heaters use pumps to force hot air or liquid around, using electricity in the process, while passive heaters skip the pump and let the heated material move itself around, allowing for even larger energy savings in the process. Fortunately if you want a solar water heater, you won’t need to have somebody else install it for you. If you opt to build a solar water heater, you can save hundreds more dollars. Many do-it-yourself kits are available for purchase, and you can even build them from scratch (by buying the components separately). Building your very own passive solar water heater affords you even more versatility, so if you can do it yourself, that’s the path you should definitely take.
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