Forced Air Furnace

forced air furnace

forced air furnace
Blaze Rips Schuylkill County Row Homes
Four row homes were destroyed by fire early Monday morning in Schuylkill County.
I have a coleman forced air furnace and the pilot light will not stay lit what is the problem I have held open?

the pilot light valve for a long time and every time I let go of it the pilot light goes out.
Where would I find the part number for the thermocouple?

You don’t need a part number for a thermocouple. You can pick up a universal one from any hardware store for less than $10. It will come with a couple different fittings and a spacer so it can be used in multiple types of pilot burners. The wire on the new thermocouple may be longer than the wire on the old one. Just uncoil as much as you need to get from the pilot burner to the gas valve and tuck the rest of the wire out of the way. Good luck.

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