Floor Heat Registers

floor heat registers

floor heat registers
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Air Conditioner for 2 large rooms?

I need to cool about 800 square feet of space in the upstairs of our Cape style house. The walls are slanted from a half wall so the actual square footage is probably a little less than 800.

There are no exterior walls and only skylights in one of the rooms and a sliding glass door as the only access in the other room (with no doors inbetween the two). Central air is probably out of the question as we don’t have the money to install ducts and we have oil heat with floor registers.

I’m assuming a portable AC would be the best solution here but am having trouble matching suggested BTUs to any that I can find.

Any AC experts out there?

I think you will need at least 12000 to 15000 BTU to cool your to large rooms. This is the largest size that works on 115 volts anything larger you will need to run 220 power supply.
Good Luck

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