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flat panel heater

flat panel heater
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Oil Filled Electric Radiator – safe to have in bathroom?

Is it safe to have an oil filled electric radiator (some call them flat panel electric heaters) situated in the bathroom if I bring the lead to a socket or fused spur outside the bathroom?

Also would it be safe to put things like damp towels/clothes on the radiator or should they not be covered?

to Arther:

er, why would you lick an oil filled rad? ! 🙂
to Narky:
Thanks. I was going to neatly tack the cable to the skirting board and plug it outside the bathroom so it wouldn’t be trailing and trip anyone up.

Like your place, my bathroom also doesn’t have any electricity power sockets in it – so no devices can be plugged in that room. Probably for a good reason.

Radiators and proper towel heaters are probably your best bet and look a much neater solution anyway…. instead of dangerous cables running in to the bathroom from other rooms.

Would you like yourself, your children or visitors, to trip over a oil-filled electric radiator cable that’s stretched by an extension in to the bathroom? Especially if it gets tipped over whilst still on and not put back upright again.