Energy Saving Heating

energy saving heating

energy saving heating
Bonds to jump start energy-saving plans
Approval of an attractive low bond rate finally plugs in the last requirement to spark issuance of $5 million in Series 2010 general obligation bonds for a long-sought energy-performance deal for DeSoto County.
Which heating source is better to save energy?

I was thinking about this yesterday as I started a fire in our fireplace. Which is better:
Running the heat to warm your home, or turning it off and starting a fire with wood?

We used to have wood fires or coal but mains gas is cheaper.

Years ago people would also burn any rubbish so it was less for bin man to take away.

Always use fireguard if you have open fire.

Not much difference these days in price of electric or gas.

My sister had oil burner, or was it diesel oil.

While a coal fire bis good for heating back boiler, a lot of the heat can go up the chimney.

In our first home we did not have electric, gas or running water, we lived by a near by stream, and our home was surrounded by fruit trees.

But we did all right, our dad would hunt and fish for food. And we used the stream to do our washing.

Or carried water in a bucket to our home.

There was seven of us altogether with Mum and Dad, it was a one up and one down country cottage.

We lived only two miles from a beautiful waterfall, at 240ft is the highest in Wales.

A place of outstanding beauty.

I have a picture of it on my Yahoo 360 page.

Energy Saving Tips from Puget Sound Energy: Heating