Energy Efficient Home Heating

energy efficient home heating

energy efficient home heating
Firm helps family improve energy efficiency IQ
An engineer by training, Brian Lindholm of Sleepy Hollow gives himself an “average” rating when it comes to his energy efficiency IQ. While that might seem an overly modest appraisal, recent events suggest Lindholm could represent a larger national trend: People focusing more on day-to-day behaviors that have little effect …
Where can I find a good website that gives tips on building an energy efficient home?

I want to build a house that is very energy efficient. But have no idea how to start. I would like to use solar energy when possible, and things like that. I live in Central America, so there is no need for AC or heating. Anybody have any tips? or know where I can find help??

Check out Earth ships
houses build from waste materials such as tires that produce their own energy and incorporates the by products
also Permaculture has a section on energy effecient houses;_ylt=AuxnguWtSFW4OfC6jmD07Yrsy6IX?qid=20070621234541AAcarVJ

Energy Efficient Homes With Brad Staggs