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energy efficient heating

energy efficient heating
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What is the most energy efficient space heater for my home under $200?

as the winter months roll in and temperatures start to drop I need to know What is the most energy efficient space heater?(or any other efficient ways to heat my home this winter) Is there a source that lists the energy consumption difference between different models? that would probably be the most helpful. Thank you!

Space heaters use electrical resistance heating elements, which convert electricity to heat. These elements are always 100% efficient. So in terms of the total heat entering your room, you won’t see any difference in energy consumption; there’s no way to get more than 100% of the energy in electricity converted to heat.

If you want to save on electricity while using electric heat I suggest doing everything possible to weather-proof and insulate your home.

You should also try to distribute the heat from your space heaters efficiently. This means:
– Don’t heat areas you don’t need heated (close doors to, or turn off heaters in, unused rooms)
– If you’re using one small part of a room, use a radiant heater, which sends infrared radiation instead of heat. (Don’t worry, infrared radiation is safe, it’s in sunlight.) The infrared radiation is converted to heat when it strikes an object such as a person or chair. So you only heat what it’s aimed at, not the air in the room. Radiant heaters are great for drafty rooms because the air isn’t what’s being heated, so less heat escapes.

You can also save money if your electricity is billed by time-of-use (meaning you pay more for daytime electricity than evening electricity) if you buy a storage heater, which is an Electric Heater that stores up heat during cheap electricity times and spreads it into your room when you need heat and electricity is more expensive.

All this is explained on my little website on energy efficiency, see the link below.

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