Energy Efficient Heating Systems

energy efficient heating systems

energy efficient heating systems
Top Projects: Housing: Vineyard Lodge, Culinary Institute of America
ST. HELENA — The 12,000-square-foot Vineyard Lodge dorm expansion at the Culinary Institute of America is LEED Gold certified and fully occupied by 60 new culinary students from all across the country.
How energy efficient are oil-filled radiator heaters?

I recall these as originally being marketed as a energy alternative to some other Home Heating Systems. I have conventional electric heating in my home, which is expensive. I wonder if these can help lower my electric bill, until I can afford to convert to a heat pump system, which is an expensive retrofit. Yes, I have added extra insulation in my attic, and I will be sealing any air leaks in the house before winter.

I have gas forced heat. I use one of these radiators to offset my bill. As an idea of how I use it, have it in my front room where the TV is. Place a small fan behind the unit after it gets hot, circulate the heat out instead of up. It does work.

Energy Saving Hybrid HVAC Systems