Electricity Saving Tips

electricity saving tips

electricity saving tips
Saving Energy, Cutting Costs
Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) As the temperatures drop this winter, your energy bill could be on the rise. A representative from NYSEG stopped by the Boys and Girls Club of Binghamton to present energy saving tips to familes.
tips for saving electricity?

Look up Vampirepower.com The above two answers are a good part of it. Use compact Fluorescent lights(CFL’s) were you can. Really take a good look at what is all plugged in where you live. Your stove uses energy when it is shut off as do other appliances. Install power strips with a shut off switch on it for your computer, CD, TV and anything else you are not using at the time. CFL’s take the bulb you are replacing and divide it by 4. ie. 100/4 =25 watt CFL want a little more light use the next size up 28 watt.

electricity saving tips