Electric Wall Heaters For Homes

electric wall heaters for homes

electric wall heaters for homes
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How much will it cost to heat my home with an Electric Heater?

ok, so the approaching winter is coming, and it has already reached 40 degrees, i’ve decided to turn on my electric heater, but im a college student and im trying to keep things at a minimum, i dont have a job so im just trying to get an idea of how much its going to cost me a month for heating.

i have a one bedroom house: the living room is 15’x14′, the bathroom is 5’8″x8′, the kitchen is 6’x12′, and the bedroom is 11’5″x9′. there is one electric heater in each of the rooms, they are placed at the base of the walls and are long, the ones in the living room and bedroom are bigger then the others, the bathroom heater is the smallest with the kitchen heater only being a few inches longer. i hope that i have provided enough information for good answers, please respond, it will be greatly appreciated.

real answers only please!!

So, what you’re telling us is that your entire home is heated with electricity. I think this is going to be a very expensive winter season for you, heating this house, especially if Obama gets his Cap & Trade deals through Congress. Electricity rates are going to increase significantly, according to his very words, which is going to cost all of us dearly. What you didn’t include is the cost of electricity/kwatt hour in your area of the country. At the moment, kerosene heat is relatively affordable, as long as the price of gasoline stays moderate, or even, heaven forbid, goes lower??? You’d need someone who also has electric heat living in some nearby area to give you a really close estimate.

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