Electric Underfloor Heating

electric underfloor heating

electric underfloor heating
Climate-smart lifestyle
The Lindell family in front of their specially-designed home and the Volvo C30 electric car. MANILA, Philippines – In a bid to promote a lifestyle that’s environment-friendly, four companies are helping one family to lead the “One Tonne Life” project – a demonstration of what it means to adopt a climate-smart lifestyle.
Conservatory Heating?

Fitting engineered wooden floor in a large conservatory. Intend to use some form of underfloor electric heating either the ribbon mat version or the carbon film version. The suppliers of these seem to say that one is better than the other – I think depending on which they sell or which they make the most profit on…. anyone used either system and have any feedback please

Check out http://www.warmup.co.uk/

I have their undertile heating (they do a version for wood). The programmable thermostat gives great control allowing different temp settings at different times of day etc. and uses air temp and a floor temperature probe so you can set a comfortable room and floor temp and protect your flooring from overheat.

Warm2U Electric Underfloor Heating Film