Electric Storage Heaters

electric storage heaters

electric storage heaters
Research and Markets: By 2014 The Number of Water Heater Market in Russia Will Have Reached the Point of 25.29 Million …
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “The 2005-2014 Outlook for the Water Heater Market in Russia” report to their offering.
storage heaters and electric bills is this high?

i am in a 2 bed flat with 3 storage heaters all have ben off since April and im paying £113 per month on electric, i use the washing machine once a day, have a shower once a day and usual usage of lights and plug sockets.
How can it be soooo high when im hardly using anything. It is so expensive and we are sooo cold here i have a 500 watt plug in oil filled radiator would this be cheaper to run?
We are so cold we can see our breath and cant cope this cold.
Any advice pleaseeeee.

That sounds excessive. I have a two bedroom house and my gas bill for the last quarter was 46.00 and I only use about 30.00 a quarter on electric. I would get someone to check your meter (S)

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